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Relaxation is first on the wish list, according to a Forsa survey. The Harvard Business School testifies in its investigations that the most important learning tools for leadership and management in the 21st century is meditation and intuition.

Foto ©: Grit Siwonia

Show your employees good ways to balance, well-being and support them to regenerate themselves already at work. Offering health prevention methods including relaxation, movement and stress management. Upon consultation the content can be tailored to the specific needs of your company. Usually they include:

  • easy-to-learn physical exercises (Qi-Gong and Tibetan Yoga)
  • breathing exercises and deep relaxation
  • sound harmonization (incl. elements of sound-acupuncture and color therapy)
  • stress management through regeneration, high perception technics and mindfulness with guided or silent meditations


Employees learn simple and effective meditation techniques, practices in mindfulness and relaxation as well as a series of health oriented physical exercises. Sound Meditation and consciousness coaching will further enhance the appreciative environment. We encourage further:
◦ Concentration- and efficiency for all work areas
◦ Inner balance and regeneration
◦ Creativity and intuition
◦ Self-healing capacity and expansion of consciousness

Stay flexible, relaxed and vital at the office. Take your health into your own hands and be part of a visionary health prevention program.


On-Site I need a quiet enclosed space if possible (like a seminar room, which can be emptied easily) with provided Yoga mats to lay on.

The courses can take place before, during or after the normal working hours and are 45, 60 or 90 min long. The group should not exceed 15 participants. Physical disabilities should not be a restriction, but working in a smaller group or during a one-to-one coaching may be advisable.


Personal Leadership Coaching

The competencies that distinguish successful leaders and managers may be the following:

  • exemplifying values, ethics, respect and meaningfulness
  • practicing value oriented corporate culture
  • unifying spiritual consciousness & economic success

When leading other people, we first have to lead ourselves and we can ask: Who determines your behavior, guides your perceptions and decisions? Within this personal coaching, we will work with conscious leadership practices, essentially including the following aspects:

  • Examining the factors that „lead you“: belief systems, habits, values, inner attitudes, emotions, thought patterns etc.
  • Self-assessment and -management
  • Charisma, emotional and spiritual consciousness
  • Relationship building and structure (where is the other at? what does he/she need?)
  • Communication: asking („who asks leads“) and listening (learning and receiving)
  • Meaningful and motivating targets (serving personal development and self-creation)
  • Willingness to continuously evolve
  • Virtue of humility and service

Leadership coaching promotes interconnectedness, drawing upon the ancient spiritual practice of unifying opposite forces by understanding the principles of our inner nature, how they relate to the same forces externally and how they are integrated within the universal order, through the metaphysical.

If you are interested: I am happy to meet you in person to discuss personal wishes, ideas, possible approaches.



Prevention & Health Promotion

KlangKIDS in Kindergartens & Schools

Sound is moving, creative and relaxing – especially in the enjoyable and varied musical-rhythmic way we work with children. KlangKIDS is designed to work in groups or individually with kids to discover music playfully as sound, rhythm, movement, vibration and silence. They can listen, feel, discover, experiment, experience, sing, laugh and dance, jump and bounce. Acoustic child-oriented instruments are the core of a creative processes to support all senses, concentration, mindfulness, motivation, joy, calmness, relaxation and the overall social behavior. It helps to reduce physical tension, psycho-emotional stress. Fosters trust and self-worth. Suitable for all kids, including those with special needs. Specific Sound Healing Relaxations and Meditations are also available for educators and teachers.

KlangKIDS Workshop in Oslo

Foto ©: Swami Mahesh


KlangKIDS Workshop in St. Christopher’s School Hampstead London


…the cutest feedback from the kids 🙂