Group Offers

Group Offers

These Group Offers can be booked by yoga studios, retreat and wellness centers, businesses or for private use.

Sound Healing Meditation

Designed as live acoustic sound healing meditation (inspired by Tama-Do), this extraordinary experience can deeply nourish and empower you on all levels of being. Lying in the reclined position, the group members will be guided softly into relaxation via conscious breathing and engagement of the senses in visualization and expanded hearing. In your heart, we encourage you to hold a Sancalpa (a positive resolution) that you want to bring to your life, before deeply surrendering to the healing process. As your brain waves synchronize to the sacred sounds of specifically selected instruments, their subtle vibrations can bring you more vital energy, a deep sense of regeneration, happiness and well-being in helping you to release long held physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blockages. Progressing from the root chakra towards the higher energy realms, this scale of resonance perfectly stimulates the energies, creating a strong alignment and purification. Based on specific harmonies, rhythms and intervals, the soundscapes are tailored to accommodate the collective frequency and needs of the group. Everybody is welcome. No prior experience required.

Foto ©: Ole Ukena

Voice Work

Listen and be heard – presence and magnitude

Among all musical instruments: it is our own voice which carries the most healing properties. Within a series of workshops we will give our voice a new space of resonance, meet and use her various facets as a healing instrument. Working with our voice shall be playful, effortless and joyful. It is not about having to have a nice voice, but to befriend yourself with your own voice on all its levels and experience her healing potential. The essence of pure sound as well as mantra chanting will be included in the discovery… A short sound healing meditation will round up and integrate the experience.

Signature Sound: our fundamental note

Sound is at the core of creation. We all have a fundamental note, a “signature sound” that we can tune into. In these workshops, we will find this note within us and sound and sing it to be more in coherence with our core essence, with nature, our environment and the universal forces… A gentle and powerful discovery of ourselves…

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Foto ©: Wolfgang Israel

Conscious Movement

Conscious Movement will empower the Chi of the organs, meridians and chakras, and simultaneously help you discharge excess energy and improve sensitivity, co-ordination and stamina. The healing power of Conscious Movement is inspired by Tibetan Healing, Satyananda Yoga and Qi-Gong. According to the wisdom of many ancient world cultures, the most effective way to ground the healing energies in the physical body and re-connect with your essential self is through conscious movement. The Sanskrit term Yoga translates into “unify” or “oneness”. Qi-Gong means “cultivating energy.” In practicing Conscious Movement and understanding the natural laws of gravity, geometry and oppositional forces, you may morph into movement itself and become one with the universal energy flow.

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Foto ©: Grit Siwonia

For my group offers I am cooperating with the following Yoga Studios:

Triyoga in London

Le Tigre Yoga Club in Paris

Nandala Yoga Studio in Zürich

Conscious Club in Amsterdam

De Nieuwe Yoga School in Amsterdam