Individual Treatments

Individual Treatments

You will typically receive a private session tailored according to your individual needs and temperament. All treatments take place fully clothed, on a massage table. Mind Management and Meditation practices preferably take place sitting in a comfortable and grounding cross-legged position or sitting on a chair. As a practitioner, I make sure that my skills and expertise stay refreshed by attending master classes on a yearly basis. Tama-Do’s sound and acupuncture courses are certified by USA’s NCCAOM and NCBTMB. All of my treatments are based on confidentiality, respect and non-judgment. If anything in our sessions does not match your expectations, please let me know: I welcome your feedback.

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The evaluation is based on techniques including Traditional Chinese Medicine and Tamo-Do energy training systems or kinesiology testing. An initial consultation reviewing your health history, goals, challenges and lifestyle, will be held to determine which technique will be most effective for your specific needs. This form of comparative diagnosis is not intended to make statements about medical or psychological conditions nor to claim to prevent, treat, mitigate or cure such conditions.

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First time sessions for Sound Healing and Consciousness Coaching are max. 75 minutes long. Additional sessions are 60 min long. First time sessions for a Quantum Trance Healing are 3 hours long. Additional sessions are up to 2 hours long. Most people experience immediate and profound benefits following their first treatment. For more efficient and sustainable healing results, I advise a regimen of at least 5 sessions. The first treatment often produces energetic and emotional discharge. Further treatments allow us to develop a trusting relationship and permit your body and mind to relax deeper into healing. Follow-up sessions are dedicated to strengthening you, anchoring you to the new frequency and creating a strong alignment focused on your particular area of need.


Please: Ground yourself – Breathe deeply – Drink a glass of pure water – Relax and Smile… If you have insights or questions, please write them down. During the healing session, you will be my top priority. I humbly request the same of you.

Post-Treatment Care

After a treatment, you may feel emotional, relaxed, calm, elevated… There is no wrong or right. Please allow for some time to elapse integrating the experience. No matter what you may encounter and release during a session, we will explore the meaning behind your imbalances and discuss how to integrate them or manage the changes. We provide you with recommendations to holistically support your self-empowerment and offer take-away techniques to use on a daily basis. Please remember: the post-session work and devotion to self-practice is essential.


These unique and powerful methods can help alleviate the following conditions: Anxiety, poor concentration, cancer and chemotherapy side effects, chronic fatigue and nervousness, depression, digestive disorders, detoxification, headache, exhaustion and lethargy, immune system weakness, insomnia, learning difficulties, medication side effects, pain and tension, respiratory problems, stress, tinnitus, as well as emotional issues.   I want to emphasize that self-healing only can occur if you want to be healed for the strict purpose of improving your own life and own self. Furthermore, self-healing only can occur if it does not interfere with the goals of your lifetime: we are infinite souls who have been incarnated on Earth for our own individual experiences.

Note: All treatments offered (including Sound Healing Meditations) can be booked by Yoga studios, holistic and wellness centers, for retreats and by private groups. For more information, please contact:

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