Sound Healing

Sound Healing


Individual Treatment

An individual treatment may take you on a multi-dimensional, multi-sensory journey in a safe and therapeutic way. My treatments are offered with a pure heart and true intent; they are intuitive, divinely guided and at the same time based on a system of correspondences between acupuncture, TCM, the five elements, meridians and chakra-system. The combination of „music as medicine“, sacred sounds, soft color silk scarves and natural essences as well as the frequency of light, healing touch and pure energy gently guide you into deep surrender. This holistic approach is based upon the belief that through specific resonance principles, our intrinsic health can be re-harmonized to its original sonic signature. It’s to remember: we have it all inside already.



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The applied techniques used within an individual treatment may include the following aspects, depending on your personal needs:

Sound Acupuncture:

Sound Acupuncture (invented by Fabien Maman) uses 12 precisely calibrated tuning forks instead of needles. It is a non-invasive save and self-regulating Tama-Do technique of clinical applications of music and musical notes used for:

  • Musical Spine, which applies sound frequencies directly to acupuncture points along the spine for very deep relaxation and energy grounding
  • Shu Points on the body for nourishing organs, relieving tension and enliven energy channels
  • “Chasing” trapped energy along acupuncture meridians to reverse chronic blockages and stiffness
  • 8 Qi-Mo, a powerful double-fork application method on subtle body command points, for pain relief of acute ailments
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Sound Massage

The sound massage technique combines a coordinated set of specifically tuned singing bowls with chimes, bells, drums and rattles. The singing bowls are placed in the subtle energy field around the body. They also can be gently laid upon different energy centers or played just above the chakras. Having a profound effect on the circulatory, endocrine, metabolic and sympathetic nervous systems, the sound vibrations allow for deep purification and detoxification from the sub-cellular level up to the auric field and beyond.

Benefits include: Relaxation; relief of pain, blockages, headaches, insomnia; reduction of tension and stress symptoms; balance of emotions and removal of obsessive thoughts; purging of physical and mental toxins from the body.

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Color Therapy & Natural Essences

The vibrational density of energy fields is arranged hierarchically in a way that the subtlety of pure cosmic light is densified through the oscillation frequency of colors, sound and Qi-energy down to the physical level of the body. Within color and light therapy we use the most direct connection to the universal energy in order to cleanse the corresponding fields of consciousness, to transform and to anchor the sound deeper in the physical body. Where sound shops especially on the astral (emotional) level, color effects mostly the mental body of the aura. Most parts of our consciousness contents is stored within the energy bodies and intense experiences cover them with deep energetic imprints. In order to balance and harmonize the energy fields and chakras we use a specific Tama-Do rainbow-color set of silk scarfs. Silk is a noble material which carries color in the finest vibration, organically representing the process of transformation. Acting like a life elixir, we may connect with the divine quality of each color within ourselves.

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The 16 Natural Essences, created by Tama-Do, complement the other healing modalities and help to resource the light within. The Essences are used in the aura and chakras to harmonize the energy field. Alpine plants from which the oils are extracted with great care and cold press, are hand picked. Mixed with organic alcohol and spring water, the result is an amazing, high vibration oil, which is just as alive as we are. The Essences wake up at different times of the day and respond to the energy field around them.

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Healing Touch

This gentle Tama-Do touch technique works with the 21 key energy points of the body to balance the chakras, releasing emotional stress and creating deep inner peace, connecting Qi-energy within the physical body, sound within the astral body and color within the mental body. The expanded form of energy healing that I offer is non-invasive and uses the heightened sensitivity of my hands to examine the quality of the energy field surrounding the body. Aiming at eliminating blockages and realigning the healing energy flow, it enables the body to initiate its self-healing mechanisms.

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Aqua Sound Massage

Simply let yourself ease into a state of free floating in water, relax and allow the deep and powerful sound resonances to transport you into a sense of completion, beauty and freedom. An Aqua Sound Massage is offered as a one-on-one treatment and immerses part of your body in warm vibrant water. You will be gently held while lying on your back and supported by floats. This environment of trust, encourages you to reconnect with this miraculous and life-giving element of water. As water is a stronger medium for acoustic transmission than air, the sounds of the buoyant singing bowls will profoundly impact the cellular memory – where old blockages are gently released and a new wholeness is awakened. The treatment often leads to an expansion of consciousness and thus would be a blissful experience. An Aqua Sound Massage session typically begins with a preparatory sound healing treatment outside of the water. The length of the actual aqua treatment depends on the water temperature and how your body adjusts to it. Allow enough time for quiet integration after the treatment. Benefits include: Relaxation; relief of tight or painful muscles, repetitive strain, fear of water, headaches, insomnia; reduction of tension and stress symptoms Please note: An Aqua Sound Massage only can be booked when there is a swimming pool available at a Spa, resort, healthcare centre or private property.

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