Do you desire to be more in UNISON with yourself, your health, your family and loved ones; your vocation, your environment, your spiritual path and the Divine within…?

Unison Healing offers you a unique way to enhance the balance, harmony and health within your entire being and lifestyle. The holistic healing services are grounded in multiple forms of vibrations of sound, energy and consciousness for both individual treatments and group sessions. You are invited to discover the magic of each offering designed to explore, refine and integrate the truly transformative experiences you can encounter. They all work in unison to deepen the understanding of yourself, your purpose, perception of life and your place within it. We are multi-dimentional beings with a physical, mental and spiritual dimension, all together providing the basis for our success and health in life.

“The source of healing is not found in the traditional or alternative medicine. In fact, it is not found on the level of physicality.  It resides in the spiritual realm – within the world of energy.” (Alex Loyd)

My role is not to heal, but to reflect back to you your innate capacity to heal yourself and reflect back your own inner knowing about the potential and divinity of your being; Holding a space of love in alignment with the highest good of all.

I have my base in Lotte (Germany) and also offer workshops, seminars, retreats and private treatments in Europe, Asia and North America and north Africa. As a qualified and experienced practitioner and with the permission and support of the Divine, I will do my best to assist you on your journey. May you be inspired by this discovery!

Yours in Unison,

Larissa Saraswati Israel

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